there is nothing left of the sea but its sound (teaser)

A film by Leïla Colin-Navaï

France | Super 8  | B/W  | Sound | 36min. | Reading: Charlie Jeffrey | Voices: Michaël Joyce, Michele Joyce, Ian Joyce. | Improvised music: Ian Joyce and Joel Grip.
Support: L‘Etna and Clo, Ceardlann na gCnoc, visual art center, Ireland, (Úr Program, EACEA, Culture Ireland and the Arts Council of Ireland).| Lieux de tournage : Douarnenez, Swansea, Isle of Arran, Dohnegal.

A reflexion on the landscape and a dialogue with the welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Images are in-camera editing, three Super 8 cartridges of three minutes by chapter. All four chapters or ‘territories’ are dialectical connexions between sound and image, improvisation related to the image, montage thought trough the sound.