salomè (teaser)

A film by Mauricio Hernández

In memoriam Téo Hernández

France | 16mm, Super 8 & HD | B/W & Color | Sound | 23min. | With: Mateo Joyce, Michele Joyce, Gabriele Joyce, Aude Verguibier, Luca Wiss, Philippe Cote, Astrid Harel, Paloma Juve, Jacques Lampecinado, Michel Nedjar's dolls, Sofia Tchertkoff and Michael Joyce. | Editing: Mauricio Hernández | Mixing: Leïla Colin-Navaï.  | Costume director: Jasmine Colin-Navaï.

The film painting is a simultaneous whole to be backlit, its material is taken from biblical laconism:
Herod marries his brother's wife, Herodias, mother of Salome. John the Baptist condemns this union and is imprisoned by Herod who nevertheless fears eliminating him given the reputation of the prophet. At a banquet that Herod offered to his hosts, Salome performs a dance that exalts the generosity of Herod ready to perform under word in front of his hosts, a wish to Salome. Herodias advises him to ask for the head of John the Baptist.