Personal Narrative of a Journey to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent: José Lezama Lima, Hereafter,Thereafter (trailer)

A film by Mauricio Hernández

France | 2011 | Super 8 & HD | Color and B&W | Sound | 247min. |  With the exceptional participation of Alicia Alonso, Chinolope, Cesar Lopez, Ernesto Bustillo Lezama, Ileana Bustillo, Alina Bustillo, Ernesto Bustillo, Elsa de Bustillo, Orlando Alvárez Lezama and Eduardo Manet | Studies : Roberto González Echevarría, Esperanza López Parada, Laurence Breysse-Chanet, Robayna Sánchez, Jorge Luis Arcos, Remedios Mataix, Benito Pelegrín | Litterary advisers : Yvette Fuentes, Enrique Olaya and Pedro A. Vilchis Montes | Narrator voice: Romy Sánchez | Lezama text voices : Aymé Lopez Portillo, Pedro Simon, Vilma López Portillo, Raiza López Portillo, Iliana López Portillo | First assistant : Lorenzo Paillaud, Second Assistant : Francisco Emilio de la Guerra | Sound: Leïla Colin-Navaï and Fivos Maniatakos | Executive producer: Pedro A. Vilchis Montes | Filming locations Paris, Havana, Douarnenez, Miami.

To make a film about a poet, it is necessary to move away from all cinematographic purpose, all technical language, all aestheticizing intention; we should just think like him, in terms of image and animism, of arrow and spell. The film in question will then be a tree and every facet of his work a branch, the trunk his life. Thus this incipient metaphor will evolve in the form of the film, the body of the image is henceforth encircled by the cortex of sound, whose independent relief segregates its own layers of meaning, the cavities through which the silence of an army of ants searches for its center.