Nyårfest (trailer)

A film by Lisa Grip, Erik Viklund, Joel Grip, Franziska Hoffmann, Leïla Colin-Navaï and Mauricio Hernández.

Sweden | 2018 | Super 8 | Color | Sound | 84min. | With Gossas Karin Runo, Lars-Olov Tillman (1933-2016), Peera Nakgron, Carl-Johan Åkerstedt, Alf Tangnäs.
And: Joel Grip, Franziska Hoffmann, Lisa Grip, Erik Viklund, Leïla Colin-Navaï, Mauricio Hernández, Niklas Barnö, Katt Hernandez, Sonia Bush, Greta Lou and Mischa.

The turn of a year in a snowy village of Sweden documents the need of change and continuance. A collective film about rites and times.

Dala-Floda, Sweden, 680 inhabitants. In the depths of the blue light of winter, six filmmakers ask themselves what it mean to start a new year. Emerging locals formulate their view on time and our need of rituals and reoccurring events. Their answers parade poetically through the snowy and cold village landscape. A sort of time travel takes place and recalls ordinary as well as extraordinary memories and identities. The commonplace is our need for measuring time, our need of a beginning and an end. A ninety year old woman shows a way out of the never ending dream phase of the evoked Phantom Carriage (Selma Lagerlöf) and exclaims: "Really, you ought to reset yourself. You have to feel completely at zero again".