det snöar om björken (trailer)

A film by Joel Grip & Mauricio Hernández

Sweeden | 2014 | Super 8, 80min | Color, B&W | Directors: Joel Grip et Mauricio Hernández | With: Kege Snö: Roland Keijser (saxophonist), Raymond Strid (drummer), Niklas Barnö (trumpeter), Joel Grip (double bassist). And: Jan Albinsson (carpenter), Leïla Colin-Navaï (assisting manager), Greta Lou Grip (baby), Lisa Grip (oraklet), Franziska Hoffmann (water sprite), Pedro Sin Cerebro (writer), Lena Westin (baker), Per Wålstedt (farmer, poet). | Image: Mauricio Hernández, Joel Grip, Leïla Colin-Navaï, Lisa Grip | Sound: Leïla Colin-Navaï, Raymond Strid, Florian Bergmann, Mauricio Hernández, Joel Grip. | Voices: Lisa Grip, Franziska Hoffmann, Joel Grip. | Editing: Mauricio Hernández | Mixing: Leïla Colin-Navaï | Text: Mauricio Hernández, Joel Grip and Pedro A. Vilchis Montes | Executive producer : Joel Grip | Support: Snifix (Gagnef), Heakrogen (Mockfjärd), Galleri He'tjärn (Dala-Floda), Festival Konfrontationen (Nickelsdorf), Hôtel Baroko (Hegyeshalom), Svenska Filminstitutet and Umlaut Records.

At the dawn of time, explorers set out to examine the world. And even if the geographical limits of our small planet have long since been determined, there are still people who discover the world afresh. Now, the journey just takes an inward direction. Equipped with a 16mm camera, the directing duo Mauricio Hernandez and Joel Grip set out on an exploration in the Swedish free jazz group Kege Snös's musical universe - and to the Swedish summer idyl in the nature of Småland. Improvisation is another word for freedom, and freedom is celebrated both with images and music in the endearing and slightly trippy 'It Snows About the Birch', which most of all resembles a home movie from a summer holiday in a parallel galaxy - and which, incidentally, is dedicated to the surrealist author Gherasim Luca. The music plays, birds sing (what, in the end, is the difference?), and spirits as different as Hegel and Bergman hover above the pine trees in an analogue tribute to the creative urge, summer and days spent in the company of good friends. Trevlig resa!